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“The Magic Numbers”

The peak of coffee flavor is best achieved with a roasting time of 11 minutes 5 seconds at 435 degrees Fahrenheit (formally considered a “City+” roast). It is at this time and temperature period between 1st and 2nd crack that the distinctive origin taste (the flavors created in the bean by its variety, the soil, altitude, and weather conditions in the location where it was grown) is at its highest while just starting to show a roast character (the flavors created by the roasting process itself combined with the caramelization of bean sugars). The result is an outstanding smooth, full-bodied cup of coffee bursting with origin tastes. All coffee beans roasted at BeanVillage are roasted per this methodology, without exception!

We bring a standard of excellence to your home with our Fresh Medium Roasted Whole Coffee Beans. Only Whole Bean and Only Medium Roasted. Whole bean ready for grinding just prior to brewing (the best way to brew), and only Medium Roasted for the very best taste.

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